Crisis Management

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When the proverbial hits the fan during a crisis, you need trusted advice and a safe pair of hands. We have plenty of experience managing issues and crises across all of our industry sectors.

We’re expert in delivering robust, timely and strategic counsel to ensure your business is well-equipped to deal with emerging crises or business issues that could damage your reputation. Our expertise covers media messaging, crisis preparedness training, internal communications and development of full-scale social media crisis protocols. Our breadth of experience and perspective enables us to deliver expert advice and hands-on assistance to guide you through any crisis.

Crisis Audits and Simulations – are you crisis ready?

Most companies practice risk management. Surprisingly, very few have a robust crisis plan in place to manage crises or issues that can seriously impact their reputations. Many companies simply don’t have the expertise, tools or team in place to successfully manage most crises. However, planning can enhance your preparedness and reduce your risk. We can help.

To assist clients with crisis planning we provide the following services.

Crisis planning

  • Developing a crisis and issues management communication plan
  • Pinpointing gaps and deficiencies in your current crisis management plan, processes, teams and response frameworks.

Testing your preparedness

  • Test the preparedness of your senior executives and crisis management teams in a realistic crisis simulation. This is conducted in a safe and controlled environment.
  • We will identify potential weaknesses and recommend modifications to improve your responsiveness
  • We can assess your existing processes to enhance your team’s readiness

Managing crises on social media

Social media has undeniably changed the way crises develop and escalate and how companies respond to them. Social media and technology allows anyone to be a reporter on the ground. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Periscope are the modern-day news channels. Effective crisis management now requires being prepared for traditional media and social media. Our services include:

  • Managing real live social issues
  • How to avoid social issues escalating
  • The key role of social influencers
  • Best practices and practical tips for managing social in a crisis

The case study below describes how we helped True Value Solar to prepare for a critical incident.

Case study: Simulating a real life crisis


True Value Solar is the largest solar company in Australia with 110,000 installations nationwide.

The brief was to develop a comprehensive Crisis Management Plan and stress test it by conducting a realistic crisis simulation exercise with the new crisis team. Also, we were required to provide media training for the company’s senior executives.


In close consultation with the client, we developed a detailed Crisis Management Plan to ensure the company has robust procedures, resources and staff in place to respond to any crisis or major incident which may impact its reputation.

Based on our knowledge of the solar industry we devised and conducted a realistic crisis scenario to stress test the plan and put the company’s crisis team through its paces. This involved GSG Counsel staff posing as media, customers, sponsors and suppliers. The crisis simulation also included realistic social media posts on Facebook and Twitter.

We also delivered media training for the company’s key spokespersons.


The crisis simulation was successfully conducted with the 8-member crisis team at True Value Solar’s premises in Melbourne. GSG Counsel provided a detailed written debrief to the team after the event to highlight areas for improvement.

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